The 17th Finnish Music Researchers’ Symposium, Turku 13–15.3.2013

The myriad forms of music and modes of musical performance on offer today have prompted debate about the materials and methods of music research. Uses of music in different media, for example, raise questions about the relationship between music and space. In addition, new interpretations have been offered about the boundaries between music and sound. The temporal dimension, too, has garnered the attention of researchers; particularly how time is bound up with musical cultures and experiences of music. The theme of the 17th Finnish Music Researchers’ Symposium is The Cultural Memory of Sound and Space.

This theme is intended as a starting point for debate extending across a wide range of fields of study, methods and individual research apparatuses.

The following internationally recognised keynote speakers have agreed to participate in the symposium:
Prof. Claudia Gorbman (University of Washington Tacoma, USA)
Prof. Sara Cohen (University of Liverpool, UK)
Prof. Morten Michelsen (Københavns Universitet, DK)

The organisers of the Symposium are the Departments of Musicology at Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku, the Department of Cultural History at the University of Turku and the Finnish Musicological Society.

Welcome to Turku in March 2013!

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