IIPC Debate 22 April

IIPC Debate 42

Mon 22 April 4-6 pm. Dr David Code (University of Glasgow): Mozart Films the Vietnam War: Music, Nation and Gender in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket (1987)


Place: Janus Hall, Kaivokatu 12


Dr Code’s work has generally remained closely analytical at basis, but in a way that resists all theoretical orthodoxy: his pursuit of the cultural meanings embodied in modernist art in all media (music, poetry, painting, film) leads him to rigorous formal interpretations of such oft-neglected dimensions as orchestral timbre and pianistic gesture in Debussy; form and mode in Mallarmé.


A similar pursuit of the interaction between aesthetic forms and ideological implications lies behind his 2007 account of ‘architectonic’ rhythmic conception in Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. A more recent project, a biography of Debussy for the Reaktion Press ‘Critical Lives’ series on key modern figures (published July 2010), offered him the chance to reframe several such interactions in more broadly accessible terms—to which end he traced the composer’s ‘life and works’ giving particular focus to Debussy’s evolving literary interests.

He has recently been awarded an AHRC Research Fellowship to consolidate and elaborate a multivalent approach to Debussy analysis and interpretation in a more specialist, metacritical monograph, provisionally titled Debussy’s Allegories of Modern Listening. At the same time he continues to pursue a more recently opened avenue of research into the use of pre-existent music in Stanley Kubrick’s films: a first article (on The Shining) was published in early 2010; a second (on 2001) is in preparation.

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