IIPC Debate 17 September

IIPC Debate #44

Morten Michelsen (University of Copenhagen): “Taste Cultures and Popular Music Criticism”

Tue 17 September 4-6 pm.

Seminar room Hovi, Department of Musicology, University of Turku. Address: Kaivokatu 12, Turku (Sirkkala campus).

Morten Michelsen is associate professor in musicology in the Arts and Cultural Studies Department at the University of Copenhagen. He has focused on popular music, e.g. in a book on US and UK rock criticism (Rock Criticism from the Beginning, 2005), in one on Danish rock culture (Rock in Denmark, 2013), and in shorter analyses of the music of Björk, Bowie, Metallica, and Michael Jackson with a focus on the sound parameter. Michelsen is also engaged in the establishment of the research field of sound studies in Denmark and in Europe. Right now he is chair of the European Sound Studies Association ESSA and member or head of a series of research projects concerned with sound and radio. His special focus here is interbellum music-radio relations.



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