Week 42: Two IIPC Debates, a symposium and a book launch

Next week (42) will be a busy one for the IIPC and popular culture studies at the University of Turku: two IIPC Debates, an IIPC affiliated symposium and a book launch!

IIPC Debate #46

Stan Hawkins (University of Oslo): “Hyperembodiment and Agency in the Pop Video”

Wed 16 October
4–6 pm Janus Hall

IIPC Debate #47

Caryl Flinn (University of Michigan): “Not Productive: The Queer Forms of Kitsch”

Fri 18 October
4-6 pm Janus Hall

Between these, there are two further IIPC affiliated events:

Queer Sounds and Spaces symposium
Keynote speakers: Caryl Flinn (University of Michigan), Stan Hawkins (University of Oslo), Freya Jarman (University of Liverpool). http://www.utu.fi/fi/yksikot/hum/yksikot/musiikkitiede/ajankohtaista/Sivut/queer-symposium.aspx

Thu 17 October, Arje Schein Hall
Dentalia building

Right after the symposium, there will be a book launch in the neighbouring Janus Hall:
Book launch for The Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics, edited by John Richardson, Claudia Gorbman and Carol Vernallis.

Thu 17 October 7.30 pm
Janus Hall lobby area

Upcoming IIPC debates Autumn 2013:

5.11. Tue: Michael Drewett (Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa) 4 – 6 pm Hovi: “Peter Gabriel and the documentation of human rights issues”

14.11. Thu: Miguel Mera (City University, London) 4 – 6 pm Hovi: “Inglo(u)rious Basterdisation: Tarantino and the War Movie Mashup”

13.12. Fri: J. Jack Halberstam (University of Southern California): 10-12 am Janus Hall: “Going Gaga”

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