IIPC Debate 14 November

IIPC Debate #49

Musicologist, Composer Miguel Mera (City University, London): “Inglo(u)rious Basterdisation: Tarantino and the War Movie Mashup”

Thu 14 November

4 – 6 pm Arne Scheinin hall, Dentalia building, University of Turku. Address: Lemminkäisenkatu 2, Turku

This presentation will explore ways in which the music in Inglourious Basterds represents a continuation of Quentin Tarantino’s working methods, and a shift in aesthetic approach through the application of layers of appropriative meaning that are synonymous with the popular music practice known as mashup. In Inglourious Basterds multiple references do not exist solely through ironic parallelism, emphasizing counterpoint or defamiliarization, but rather seek the true goal of mashup culture which is pluralism. One of the most commonly critiqued aspects of the film is that it rewrites the ending of World War II creating an alternate version of the Holocaust in which Hitler and his high command officers are burned alive. Tarantino’s film is not only a mashup of war movie clichés and characters but also explores how film shapes audiences understanding of fact. Tarantino stated: ‘I like the idea that it’s the power of cinema that fights the Nazis. But not even as a metaphor – as a literal reality.’ Within this context, the references to music from the spaghetti western sub-genre allow historical liberties to become a reflection on the metamorphosis of fact into myth. I will argue that there is a moral consequence to the audience’s cathartic response that forces it to confront its own spectatorial position. In this sense, Inglourious Basterds ultimately problematizes the nature of historical (mis)representation in war movies.

Upcoming IIPC events, fall 2013:

22.11. Fri: Seminar “Urheilu ja globalisaatio”: Benita Heiskanen, Markku Jokisipilä, John Richardson, Max Ryynänen, Riikka Turtiainen at 12 – 16 Educarium 3, Assistentinkatu 5, Turku. In Finnish.

13.12. Fri: IIPC Debate #50 J. Jack Halberstam (University of Southern California): 10-12 am Janus hall, Kaivokatu 12, Turku: “Going Gaga”

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