IIPC Debate 4 March

IIPC Debate #51

Dr Laura Saarenmaa:
Hitting a nerv: citizenship address in the postwar macho pulps

Tue 4 March, 5-6 pm, Janus Hall (Kaivokatu 12, Turku) PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGED TIMING!!! There will be a book launch before the debate at the Janus lobby at 4 pm: Taide, kokemus ja maailma. Risteyksiä tieteidenväliseen taiteiden tutkimukseen (Toim. Yrjö Heinonen). You are welcome to follow the launch as well!

Dr Laura Saarenmaa is postdoctoral fellow at the Research Centre for Communication, Media and Journalism (COMET) at the University Of Tampere, Finland. Her postdoctoral research project Addressing Male Citizens explores Finnish men’s magazines of the 1940s to the 1980s from the theoretical perspectives of cultural citizenship and the public sphere.


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