IIPC Visiting Fellow, Autumn 2014

We are delighted to announce that Professor Gregory Seigworth (Millersville University, USA) has been appointed as the second IIPC Visiting Fellow.

Gergory Seigworth is Professor of Communication Studies in the Department of Communication and Theatre. He has published widely in journals such as Cultural Studies, Architectural Design, Culture Machine, and m/c. He has contributed chapters to various books, including Deleuze: Key Concepts, Animations of Deleuze and Guattari, and New Cultural Studies. Most recently he has co-edited, with Dr. Melissa Gregg (University of Sydney), a collection of essays on affect and cultural theory, The Affect Theory Reader (2011, Duke University Press).

During his stay at the University of Turku, in November and December 2014, Professor Seigworth will give two IIPC Debate lectures, and has a weekly research seminar for the Master’s Degree Pathway on Popular Culture Studies, PhD Programme in Popular Culture Studies (PPCS), and other PhD students of IIPC affiliated departments.