IIPC Debate 11 March

IIPC Debate 66
Wed 11 March. 2-4 pm (Arje Scheinin Hall, Dentalia Building, University of Turku)
Pamela Church-Gibson (London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK)
Anna Karenina on Screen, 1935–2012: Costume, Stardom, Celebrity, and Changing Patterns of Consumption

Since the earliest days of cinema, film and fashion have had a close and even symbiotic relationship, which has been strengthened by each new technological development, as we will see in the course of this lecture. Questions of stardom, gender, fashion and consumption are addressed in this investigation of three films made across an eighty-year period. All three films star leading actresses of their day, who were popular for their personal style as well as for their on-screen performances; all three actresses were dressed for the screen by leading designers. The tracing of the changes within the presentation of the same heroine at different moments in time raises important questions around gender and reception. The paper closes with an investigation of the genre in the age of viral fashion film, digital platforms and celebrity culture.

Pamela Church-Gibson is a Reader in Cultural and Historical Studies at London College of Fashion. Her research interests cover film and fashion, history and heritage, gender and spectacle, cities and consumption. She is the head of the MA program in Fashion and Film, and the Principal Editor of the referee publication Film, Fashion & Consumption. Pamela Church-Gibson has published widely on fashion and visual culture. Her latest monograph Fashion & Celebrity Culture (Berg 2012) explores the intersections between fashion, film and celebrity culture. She is currently working on a history of fashion advertising.

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