IIPC Debate 8 Oct

IIPC Debate 77
Thu 8 Oct, 4-6, Janus Hall (Kaivokatu 12, Turku)
Professor Serge Lacasse (Université Laval, Quebec)
The Study of Popular Music as a Path Towards a Posthumanist Musicology

Following the work of Cary Wolfe, this lecture will put forward a posthumanist approach to music research; that is, an approach fostering reconciliation with our “animality”, our biological condition. In search of aesthetic balance, such an approach aims to address the organic and concrete aspects of music that have been either omitted from, or bluntly denigrated in, musicological enquiry, to the advantage of aspects that are generally considered “noble”, “complex”, or truly “Great Art”. I will argue for a new academic path as a guide toward this posthumanist musicology and will illustrate my argument with the help of several sound examples.

Serge Lacasse is full Professor of Musicology, with a specialism in popular music, at the Faculty of Music, Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada. He heads both the Laval site of the Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique (oicrm.org) and the Laboratoire audionumérique de recherche et de création (larc.oicrm.org). Favouring an interdisciplinary approach, his research projects mostly deal with the study and practice of recorded popular music. He recently co-authored (with Sophie Stévance) Les enjeux de la recherche-création en musique (PUL, 2013) and co-edited Quand la musique prend corps (PUM, 2014) with Monique Desroches and Sophie Stévance. Serge also pursues artistic activities as a record producer, drummer, and songwriter.

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