Holy Crap! IIPC Publication Series vol 7

New book release from IIPC Publication Series (Online): Holy Crap! Selected Essays on the Intersections of the Popular and the Sacred in Youth Cultures. (edited by Antti-Ville Kärjä & Kimi Kärki).



Antti-Ville Kärjä & Kimi Kärki
Introduction: Cross-fertilising ‘Popular’, ‘Sacred’, and ‘Youth’

Antti Ville Kärjä
Epiphanies of a commercial age

Javier Campos Calvo-Sotelo
New Gods, New Shrines: Identity and De-Secularization Processes in Young Followers of Celtic Music

Clare Diviny
Supernatural Teen Television: Spiritual Lessons for Teen Viewers?

Ina Magel
Dealing with Death – New Approaches versus Ancient Traditions

Nina Maskulin
“There is always someone who survives from the end-of-the-world”. Qualitative attitude approach in film reception study among Finnish teenagers

Jonathan Rova
How to Crap in the Woods: The Formation of Authentic Identity and Faith in the Praxis of Adventure Tripping

Sissel Undheim
Spiritual Lego. Temples, rituals and New Age in Ninjago and Chima

Emily Winter
Negotiating the popular, the sacred and the political: a case study of three Christian social justice youth

You can find this volume, and the six previous ones from here:


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