IIPC Debate 25 April

IIPC Debate 103
Thu 25th April, 4-5 pm, Seminar Room Aikala (Historicum, Kaivokatu 12, Turku)
Dr David Archibald, University of Glasgow
Tracking Loach: Making The Angels’ Share

This paper draws on research gleaned from conducting an ethnographic study of the making of The Angels’ Share (Loach, 2012). The study involves four elements: participant observation of the production process; interviews with cast and crew, the visual documenting of the process, and subsequent archival research. The paper explores questions of cinematic authorship in Loach’s oeuvre, suggesting that they are best informed, not simply by screen analysis, but also by careful consideration of the filmmaker’s working methods. The paper will be accompanied by filmed footage of the production process, shot on-location by the presenter.

Dr. Archibald is a Senior Lecturer at Film & Television Studies, University of Glasgow. His research interests include film and journalism, film and history, specifically, cinematic representations of the Spanish civil war, production studies, film festivals – in addition to academic work in this area, David has attended numerous film festivals as the accredited delegate of publications such as Cineaste and Financial Times.

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