Popular Culture and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest

Friday 3.5.2019

Janus, Sirkkala


10.00–11.00 :Welcome; Dean Vuletic: Postwar Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest


Pia Koivunen: Russia and Ukraine in the Eurovisions: a love–hate relationship

Mari Pajala: Israel and Eurovision – a brief history

Jan Wickman: A spectre of queer visibility on the ESC stage

12.15 –13.00 Lunch break


Pertti Grönholm: From Telex to Darude: Electronic sounds and the questions of authenticity and performance in the ESC

Yrjö Heinonen: Persona and character in three Finnish Eurovision Song Contest performances: Sata Salamaa (Vicky Rosti, 1987), La Dolce Vita (Anneli Saaristo, 1989) and Tule Luo (Katri Helena, 1993)

Anna-Elena Pääkkölä: Marry Me? Krista Sigfrid’s camp cheer for the Finnish equal marriage campaign

14.15–14.45 Coffee


Panel discussion with Kaisa Ilmonen, Dean Vuletic and Jan Wickman: The Eurovision experience on location


Information for students:

Students attending to seminar can gain credits for the following modules:

Musicology: MUSI3008 Popular Music Studies, MUSI2175 Other Area of Study I, MUSI2178 Other Area of Study II

European and World History: YLHI0612 Power, politics and borders/Nationalism and transnationalism

Media Studies: METU1051 Media and Popular Culture, METU1052 Differences and Identities in Media Culture, METU0146 Project Studies

2 ECTS: lecture diary (5 pages, 1,5 spacing)

5 ECTS: essay (12 pages, 1,5 spacing) using additional literature and possibly analysing related media material of your own choice. A list of literature is available from teachers. You can write in English or Finnish.


Musicology: anna-elena.paakkola ( AT ) utu.fi

European and World History: pia.koivunen ( AT ) utu.fi

Media Studies: mari.pajala ( AT ) utu.fi

Deadline for essays and lecture diaries 26 May 2019.

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