Study Day: Ambient Sound and Silence in Cinema and Television 

September 27th, University of Turku
Organised by the Musicology Department and the IIPC
Arje Schein Lecture Hall, Dentalia, 10 – 15 (exact schedule to be confirmed)
Keynote speaker: Richard Dyer, King’s College 

Ambient sounds and silence in audiovisual artefacts serve to create the space, time, and mood of scenes without strictly speaking consisting of “music”. In some ways, they are integral to constructing the “messages” of films and television – in essence, producing the sonic differences between familiarity and strangeness, and evoking qualities such as eeriness or temporal stasis. In approaches ranging from the consideration of sound as a tool for producing immersion to more explicit communication, studies of ambient sound delve deeper in this often neglected area of soundtrack design. In this study day, we will delve into the nature, construction and meanings of ambient sound in audiovisual contexts and discuss its functions, slippages and newest forms. 

Students may earn 2 ECTs by attending this conference and writing a lecture diary with additional reading summaries. The submission deadline for this is October 31st. Contact Anna-Elena Pääkkölä ( for additional details and readings, preferably before the event already.  


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