Studying The Creative Industries

The Faculty of Humanities and International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC)


Studying The Creative Industries: Stardom, Locality and Practice


A Panel with:

Professor Richard Dyer, Professor Sara Cohen, Professor Martin Cloonan and Dr Tiina Kapyla

Chaired by Professor John Richardson


Thursday 26 September 2019, 15–18

Venue: Janus, Kaivokatu 12, Sirkkala Campus


Join a panel of distinguished experts to explore and discuss how to research and study the Creative Industries. Amongst the topics to be addressed will be the following:

What are the Creative Industries and how should they be researched?

Is the best approach top-down or bottom up?

What issues arise when research the Creative Industries?

What methodologies should be employed and what not?

How do ensure that they meet equal opportunities’ requirements?

How are practitioners best engaged in research activities.

Each of the panelists will make opening statements explaining their interests in the Creative Industries and how they research them. The Chair will then facilitate a discussion amongst the panelists, before opening up the fllor to questions from the audience.

Sara Cohen is Professor of Music, IPM, University of Liverpool. She have specialised in research on popular music, with a particular interest in anthropological and ethnographic research on music as a social and spatial practice and how people engage with places through music. This has involved a long series of projects on music and cities, including those exploring the development of local music cultures and identities, and how music is related to urban regeneration and landscape, and to cultural tourism, promoting popular music as national heritage, musical migration – in such places as Liverpool – and how popular music is related to the vernacular remembering of local audiences, practices of autobiographical remembering and relating music to ideas and experiences of ageing.

Richard Dyer is Emeritus Professor of Film Studies, King’s College, London. Dyer is the well-known specialist on film studies and he has specialised on entertainment and representation and the relations between them as well as music and film (including melodrama), Italian cinema (especially in its popular forms) and gay/lesbian/queer cultures. He is the author of classic books like Stars (1980), White: Essays on Race and Culture (1997), The Culture of Queers (2001) and Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society (2003) and long-standing reviewer for Sight and Sound and different BBC channels and programs.

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