Cold War, Aesthetics and Popular Culture

IIPC, Media Studies and Musicology Proudly Presents


Cold War, Aesthetics and Popular Culture


13.12 Sirkkala campus, University of Turku, Janus hall

13.00-13.15 Opening Words: Kari Kallioniemi: Different Cold Wars and their Cultural/Aesthetical Elements

13.15-14.00  Eva Näripea: Otherness in Grigori Kromanov’s The Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (1979): Bending Genre and Gender

14.00-14.45 John Williamson: The Rearguard of the Revolution?  Communism, the state and musicians in Britain at the start of the Cold War.

14.45-15.15 Coffee

15.15 Snapshots of Cold War Aesthetics in Popular Culture

Pertti Grönholm: Talking machines and total destruction in science fiction

Laura Antola: Soviet Super-Soldiers vs. The Avengers: Superheroes and the end of the Cold War

Kimmo Laine: Cold War Film Compositions

Kimmo Ahonen: Invaders from Mars (1953) and the Fear of Brainwashing

Kari Kallioniemi: ’When the Wind Blows’: Culture and Aesthetics of British Cold War Invasion Fantasies

17.00-18.00 Screening of document ‘Billy Bragg Goes to Moscow’ (dir. Hannu Puttonen, 1989, 45 min.) The director will introduce the piece.

Assessment: 5 op (ECTS) essay, lecture diary or lecture pass (2 op)

If you are interested of submitting an essay or lecture diary, a student can contact the teacher responsible of the marking: Paavo Oinonen (Cultural History), Laura Saarenmaa (Media Studies,  METU1051, METU0146), Kari Kallioniemi, Musicology

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