Imagined and real Talking Machines

This Saturday February 22nd Science Cafe’ will open the 2020 Season with a super-interesting talk by Docent Kimi Kärki from the University of Turku, who will talk about “Imagined and real Talking Machines” as usual in Koulu, History Class from 17.00 till 19.00.

Docent Kärki will be talking about the research project he is currently involved in (“Talking Machines. Electronic voice and the interpretation of emotions and self-understanding in human-machine communication in 1960-2020”, funded by Kone Foundation), that studies speech audio as an interface between human and machine. The cultural history of such technologies is partially built on imagined futures within the works of speculative fiction, of which Kärki will focus on science fiction films. He will also talk about the transhumanism as the current meeting point of speculative popular culture and scientific advancements.

As usual, the presentation is for non-experts and is followed by a Q&A session. Come and bring your friends! More info:


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