IASPM XX (Canberra 2019) proceedings are online

Dear all,

Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music. Proceedings from the XX Biennial Conference of IASPM, Canberra, Australia, 24th – 28th June 2019 e-book has now been published.

Here is the direct link: https://iipc.utu.fi/iaspm2019/

(as part of IIPC Online series here, as vol. 8: https://iipcblog.wordpress.com/publications/).

Hope you enjoy!


EUPOP Online, July 16, 2021

Join us at

EUPOP Online

A free European Popular Culture Association (EPCA) zoom event

July 16, 2021, 4-7 pm Finnish time (GMT +3)

Keynote speakers:

Sarah Gilligan (Northumbria University, UK):

Fashioning the Strange: Tilda Swinton, Film and Photography

Laura Saarenmaa (University of Turku, Finland):

Taming the nasty (nazi) past. Popular recollection of American, Swedish and Finnish men’s magazines

Maria Shteynman (HSE University, Russia):

The Transmedial Witcher: Political History, Race Diversity and Feminism Issues

Register to EPCA Secretary, Dr Kimi Kärki [ kimi . karki ( at ) utu . fi ] by July 15, 2021, to receive the zoom-link for the event.

Follow the info at EPCA Facebook and