IIPC Publication Series
ISSN 1797-318X (online)

IIPC Publication Series is a refereed online series for monographs, edited collections and conference proceedings. The series is open for all scholars of popular culture. Proposals can be sent to the editor Kimi Kärki, kierka(at)


Studies on Popular Culture
Publication series with Intellect Books

In April 2009, IIPC made a contract with Intellect Books on a series Studies on Popular Culture. The new series provides contributions to a critical understanding of popular culture and its history. The series covers a wide array of themes, including such fields as popular music, radio, film, and television, festivals and urban cultures, youth cultures and subcultures, consumption and material culture, sports, stardom and fandom. The series is open to methodologies and theoretical insights, especially on comparative and international approaches, and it places special emphasis on the transdisciplinary nature of popular culture studies. The series is edited at the International Institute for Popular Culture by Bruce Johnson and Hannu Salmi.

Released in the series:

Frontiers of Screen History. Imagining European Borders in Cinema, 1945–2010 (Raita Merivirta, Kimmo Ahonen, Heta Mulari and Rami Mähkä, eds.), 2013. More info from here.

Rhetoric of Modern Death in American Living Dead Films (Outi Hakola), 2015. More info from here.

Celebrity Philanthropy (Elaine Jeffreys & Paul Allatson, eds.), 2015. More info from here.

Englishness, Pop and Post-War Britain (Kari Kallioniemi), 2016. More info from here.

Memory, Space and Sound (Johannes Brusila, Bruce Johnson & John Richardson, eds.), 2016. More info from here.


See some older publications by IIPC members.


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