Music Research, Now! / Musikforskning, nu!/ Musiikintutkimus, nyt!

Music Research, Now! / Musikforskning, nu!/ Musiikintutkimus, nyt!
24.1.2014, Åbo Akademi, Sibeliusmuseum, Piispankatu 17, 20500 Turku

Dear all,

The annual research event Music Research, Now! is a seminar for all Turku-based researchers who include music in their field of studies. The third annual seminar is set on Friday the 24th January 2014. The event will be held at Åbo Akademi, in the Sibelius Museum (Piispankatu 17).

Researchers from all departments and subjects at Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku (including for example musicology, cultural history, folklore studies, ethnology, philosophy, gender studies, sociology etc.), and other educational institutions in the city are invited to participate. Presentations are welcome in English, Finnish and Swedish. Because we would like international exchange students and PhD researchers to participate actively in the event, we encourage participants to present their work in English, but we accept also Finnish and Swedish language papers. Presentations should be of only 10 mins in duration, with 5 mins allowed for setting up and questions.

The main purposes of the event are to facilitate networking among music researchers based in Turku and to provide an opportunity to receive feedback from the entire pool of music researchers working in this city.

In order to register for Music Research, Now!, please fill in a registration form on Internet:

The registration deadline is Monday 7th January 2014.

Feel free to spread the word, and welcome to the seminar!

Johannes Brusila (, Musicology, Åbo Akademi University
Kim Ramstedt (, Musicology, Åbo Akademi University