Death and the Apolcalypse in Popular Culture

Bar Ö, Turku (Linnankatu 7), Tue the 18th February, 2020. 6-9 pm.

A pre-event for the Histories of Death symposium (University of Turku,, co-organized with the International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC,

The talks start at 19:00 sharp, but feel free to come earlier! Even if it’s about death and the apocalypse, there will be good time & lively discussion. Free entry.


MA Marika Ahonen (Cultural History, University of Turku): Romanticized Death in Popular Music

Dr Kimmo Ahonen (Pori Department, Tampere University): The Images of Collective Death in Science Fiction Movies of the 1950s

Docent Kimi Kärki (Cultural History, University of Turku): Cinematic Talking Machines at the Point of Dying

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Rockfestivals: History, Ideology and Content

Rockfestivals: History, Ideology and Content, Seminar for the 50th anniversary of Turku Ruisrock Festival
Special IIPC-keynote by Professor Simon Frith (title to be confirmed) and panel including Professor Sara Cohen and Professor Simon Frith (more panelists to be confirmed).
Tuesday 14th of April 2020, time 15-17, venue Janus hall, Sirkkala, Kaivokatu 12, Turku.